Friday, March 23, 2012


Lotssa fog this mroning. Slendy plyed a nice litle game of Hideand Seek wit me on my waay to school.

Ffuck. To hrd to type... Shouoldnt let Elllie talk me intoo drinkng... Oh fuckitall. Were jst tosting Zeeke. No harm no folu, amiritee?

Zeke deid, th eHybirds lost Alex, Caught wsnt their to hellp Natlie in thetr ees, Noa hhasn't postexd any vnew vidos;; w're a sad litlte lott, arent we??? And thse are jist the runneners hhat I known about. Thgere ae prolly hundrejds mor wth unknown blogsliek mine whove bitten thed ust ven as I gtype gthis.


Noboboy, snigning ofg

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